¡Una de Quotes!

Como ya comenté, quería empezar con The Bravery, así que he seleccionado algunas frases suyas.

All of these moments are lost in time. You caught in my head like a thorn on a vine.
I am not a scientist, I must believe in more than this and I can not accept that everything is real. Is only what our eyes can see and our hands can feel.
The memories in my head are just as real the time we spent. You always be close to me, my friend. This is not the end.
I don't care what you believe. As long as you are in my heart, you're just as real as me. Maybe even more. Someone has touched so many lives can never never

I am hiding from some beast. But the beast was always here. Watching without eyes because the beast is just my fear.

Menudas perlitas, ¿verdad? Este es uno de los motivos por el que me gustan The Bravery.

¡Nos leemos!

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